27–29 March 2019





“Application of “Geocad System Enterprise Edition (GSEE)” Software Platform in Developing Regional and Municipal GIS through Implementation Experience in Novosibirsk Region”


Organizer: “GEOCAD plus” LLC, Novosibirsk

22 March 2018, Conference Hall 3, 12:15 a.m.


Within the framework of this seminar will be given presentations, demonstration, and answers to questions. Issues on developing regional and municipal GIS based on the Geocad System domestic platform will be considered. Data support of public authorities and local self-government bodies by rendering services for municipal requirements and problem-solving. The examples of integrating interdepartmental information and creation of thematic territorial geoportals will be demonstrated. The experience in creating regional systems as regional GIS segments of Novosibirsk Region for rural lands registration, regional property, forestry inventory and Novosibirsk Agglomeration. Creation of regional GIS segments with problem-solving in urban planning, land and property complex. The experience in creating and using highly detailed UAV-based orthophotomaps covering the Agglomeration territory for the tasks of land control and territorial planning.

Moderators: Gennagy V. Gorn, Director General, “GEOCAD plus” LLC, Novosibirsk Alexander A. Manakov, Deputy Chief Development Officer, “GEOCAD plus” LLC, Novosibirsk Vladimir S. Bakulin, Deputy Chief for Information Systems Department, “GEOCAD plus” LLC, Novosibirsk

Seminar “GEOCAD plus” LLC