21–22 March 2018


  • Engineering surveys in civil engineering
    1. Engineering surveys
    2. Geological surveys
    3. Geotechnical surveys
    4. Methods and techniques of surveys, data processing and interpretation
    5. 3D technologies in surveying, remote sensing and laser scanning 
    6. Contemporary state of regulatory and engineering provisions for surveying
  • Design of engineering structures, civil and industrial buildings
    1. Design of linear structures
    2. Design, constructional and industrial engineering, their modifications, architectural heritage and restoration   
    3. Highway engineering
    4. Advanced software for structural design and design of civil and industrial buildings
    5. Design of oil and gas industry facilities 
    6. Design of heat power and hydroelectric facilities, electric power substations and power transmission lines 
    7. Regulatory and engineering provisions for designing 
    8. Designing by BIM technology
    9. Data preparation techniques for designing. Computer-aided technologies for measuring
  • Construction and maintenance of buildings and structures
    1. Construction compliance monitoring. Geometry parameters control
    2. Techniques and technologies for geospatial solutions in building and construction
    3. Advanced techniques and technologies for geospatial solutions in building and construction
    4. Regulatory and engineering provisions for geometric construction definition
    5. Deformation monitoring of engineering structures during construction and maintenance. Evaluation of stability and operational reliability of structures. Structure base modelling in structural engineering           
    6. Self-regulation in construction industry.
    7. Quarrying of constructional materials.
    8. Engineering surveying for construction and monitoring of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers  
    9. Construction and housing maintenance and utilities
    10. Construction expertise
  • Architecture. Urban planning. General lay-out
    1. Advanced geodata collection techniques for architectural objects
    2. 3D technologies in architecture and urban planning
    3. Certification of architectural heritage
    4. Regulatory and engineering provisions for architecture
    5. Technologies for general lay-out maintenance and up-dating. Remote sensing of urban areas, laser scanning 
    6. Modernization and block courtyard landscaping
    7. Hard landscaping in town-living
    8. Challenges of architectural look creation and maintenance in metropolises  
    9. Urban agglomerations
    10. Modelling of comfort urban environment
  • Highway, bridge and tunnel engineering
    1. Advanced data acquisition techniques, tools and technologies in highway design, construction and maintenance 
    2. Highway engineering. Road design software 
    3. Laser scanning technologies in highway engineering
    4. Digital traffic artery models. Technologies for their creation and problem-solving 
    5. Regulatory and engineering provisions for highway engineering
    6. Technologies for automated management of road-building machinery
    7. Techniques and technologies for determination of road conditions  and surface defects
    8. Wheel track rutting. Reasons for their appearance and propagation, troubleshooting solution
  • Contemporary trends in urban studies / urban geography and urban planning
    1. Urban crisis management
    2. BIM in design, construction and maintenance of engineering structures 
    3. Urban studies/urban geography, geodesign
    4. Digital and transparent construction
    5. Complete construction quality and highway maintenance control
    6. Bank supervision in construction
    7. 3D technologies in architecture and construction
    8. Cadastral registration of construction objects

21 - 22 March 2018

Marins Park Hotel Novosibirsk, Russia

Business programme


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During the forum

Within the International forum “GEOSTROY” it is planned to hold the following events: conferences, round-tables, workshops on engineering, geological, geophysical and geochemical surveys and information ensuring of construction with participation of representatives from the federal authorities, Russian, CIS and foreign design and construction companies and users.